Meet Our Staff in Southern California

Jessica Sexton—A Center For Children & Family Law in Orange, CA

Jessica Kern

Jess is our Business Manager/Operations Manager. She joined our team in 1998 and has worked in various area of our practice before rising up to take over the global administration of our firm. Jess is a versatile employee handling everything from billing issues, computer repairs, personnel matters and finance.
Jess is always willing to handle any task and her fun personality always keeps work upbeat and enjoyable. She is always engaging and has an ear open listening to the needs of employees and clients. She is always available to fix any problem or guide our staff through any issue, with a smile. Jess is a natural born leader who works alongside all of our employees to ensure the smooth and efficient running of our firm.

Jess is an Orange County native who currently resides in South County with her loving daughter. Jess is an avid artist and some of her wonderful work can be located throughout the office. She is an outdoor girl who will take any excuse to spend time away from the concrete jungle and immerse herself in natural surroundings.

Jeanette Solis

Jeanette has been with our firm since 2000. Once known as the baby of the firm, Jeanette has since taken on management roles, including Human Resources, Accounting, Staff Training, and she is the office Notary Public. Jeanette was first hired as a file clerk in 2000 and soon moved on to become the receptionist and later grew to be Tisha Harman's lead assistant. During this time, Jeanette focused her work on cases involving minor children, Adoption, Paternity, Guardianship and Family Law Formation/A.R.T. Jeanette's heart has always been in working with families to help make a difference for them and their children. Jeanette is a highly motivated individual and is passionate about learning and growing. These core qualities in addition to her many years of training closely with Tisha Harman and Sheryl Edgar have steered her into ever growing roles.

As the A.R.T. Coordinator, Jeanette's primary focus is helping couples with their fertility journey through third party reproductive assistance (Surrogacy, Sperm Donation, Embryo Donation and Ovum Donation). Jeanette's goal is to make the legal work process as simplified as possible. She believes that families dealing with Family Formation Law have been through enough heartache and stress. She strives to make the process positive and straightforward, knowing that the legal part is one of many steps that families must go through to achieve their dream of becoming parents. Her compassionate personality and reliable work ethic make her the ideal A.R.T. Coordinator. Jeanette says a prayer after each contract is signed and genuinely hopes that a baby will be in one's arms in a year's time.

Jeanette is a native Orange County girl and resides with her husband, Daniel, their two children and family dog, Max. Jeanette is very dedicated to her family. Jeanette enjoys volunteering at her children's school, church or anywhere she is needed. Jeanette speaks, writes and reads fluent Spanish with elements of legal and medical translating. Jeanette is the main translator for our Spanish speaking clients. Her bright smile and sense of humor can be counted on even under the most stressful of circumstances.
Jeanette Martinez—A Center For Children & Family Law in Orange, CA

Megan Edgar

Megan Edgar joined our firm in the summer of 2010 as our file clerk. Although Megan had no past experience working in a law firm, she readily began her journey with the firm and has achieved immense growth over the years. Dependable and Humble, Megan cheerfully assists in the day to day operations of the firm including assisting duties with Human Resources, County Billing, Family Formation Law and Accounting. In addition to her administrative duties Megan's team player attitude brings much relief to the attorneys whom she assists with processing documents, court runs, trial preparation and process service.

Megan possesses a natural inclination to support and care for others. She continues to accept new challenges and uses her gifts to enhances her abilities and progress within the firm. Megan's calm and respectful nature in addition to her love for children has made her a perfect fit for the firm.
Megan Edgar—A Center For Children & Family Law in Orange, CA
On her days off, you can find Megan adventuring the great outdoors with her best friend, Otto. Megan and Otto enjoy taking hikes and four wheel off-roading. Megan also has a horse named Spinner and enjoys horseback riding on her spare time.
Megan has six siblings, but favorite in the family is her niece, Kaylin, whom she shares a strong bond with. Megan, in three words is trustworthy, honest and loyal. We are grateful to have Megan with our firm, as she is an absolute asset.
Selina Murillo—A Center For Children & Family Law in Orange, CA

Selina Murillo

Selina Murillo joined our firm in March 2015 to assist with file clerk duties and front office. Selina was soon promoted to an Administrative Assistant due to her quick learning abilities and outstanding work ethic. Selina currently assists in cases involving minor children, Guardianships, Adoptions and Dissolutions. Selina is detail oriented and efficient when it comes to balancing her caseload between the attorneys in our firm.
Selina is currently attending school and continues her education in the medical field with the long term goal of becoming a nurse. Selina uses her deep passion for children and focus in “helping others” as a valuable asset to our firm. Her soft heart and appreciation for life brings positivity to any room she enters.

When Selina is not working, you can find her with family and friends. Her favorite pastimes include shopping and cheering for the Los Angeles Lakers. Selina's biggest treasure in life is her precious niece, who can always bring a smile to Selina's face. Selina maintains a humble attitude and is dependable even under the most stressful circumstances.

Colleen Murray

Colleen is an Administrative Assistant and is the newest member of our team. Colleen coordinates our front office. She is always welcoming and friendly providing our firm with an openhearted atmosphere. With her prior administrative and customer relations background she is a wonderful asset to our firm.
Colleen assists the attorneys and the office in many areas. She has a natural love for children and loves interacting with people and making a difference. Colleen's accommodating nature and charming personality make her a must have for our firm.

Colleen is a very proud mom of a wonderful son. She is a strong supporter of the men and women serving in our military. Colleen was born and raised in The Midwest, she enjoys fitness walking, cooking and spending time with her family and friends. A lifelong animal lover, Colleen absolutely adores her rescue dog Otis.
Colleen Murray—A Center For Children & Family Law in Orange, CA